Saltash Anthology (pending)
Short Fiction:  Home

Literally Stories
Short Fiction:  A Little Kismet

Flash Frontier [Pocket]
Short Fiction:  On the Verge 

To Carry Her Home (Bath Flash Fiction, Volume One) (Ed:  Jude Higgins
& Ad Hoc Fiction)
Short Fiction:  Nocturnal; Ten Bucks Used to Buy You A Lot; Rules
ISBN 9781912095001

Furious Hope Anthology
(Ed: Zelda Chappel)
Short Fiction:  The Orchard of Hopes & Dreams

Spelk Fiction 
(Ed:  Gary Duncan)
Short Fiction:  The Girl in the Kiss

Halo Magazine, Issue Two Embers 
(Fiction ed:  Lorrie Hartshorn)
Short Fiction:  Scratching the Matchbox and Free to Roam


Noble Gas Quarterly, Issue 203.4
(Fiction ed:  Sara Iacovelli)
Short Fiction:  Perishable; The Court Jester

The Nottingham Review
Issue Six (Ed: Spencer Chou)
Short Fiction:  Magic

FreakPure Slush, Vol 13, December 2016 (Ed:  Matt Potter) Freak
Short Fiction:  Vigil (Pure Slush Books, ISBN 9781925536140)

Longing for Solitude

Longing for Solitude

Longing for Solitude: 2016 Stringybark Times Past Awards Anthology (Ed. David Vernon)
Short Fiction:  The Stripper      
(Stringybark Publishing, ISBN: 9781925536164)

Spelk, September 2016  (Ed: Gary Duncan)
Short Fiction:  His Nirvana 

Last Summer

Last Summer

Pure Slush, Vol. 12, August 2016
(Ed:  Matt Potter) Summer
Short Fiction:  Last Summer
(Pure Slush Books, ISBN 9781925536140)

Takahē 87, Spring 2016
(Fiction Ed: Karen Zelas)
Short Fiction:  Mrs Horgan’s Surprise:

101 Words, July 2016  (Ed: Emily Clayton)
Short Fiction:  Blood Rubies

Austerity Measures

Austerity Measures

London Journal of Fiction, July 2016  (Ed: Adam Thelwell)
Short Fiction:   Austerity Measures

Pure Slush, Vol.11, June 2016 (Ed:  Matt Potter) tall…ish
Short Fiction:  Age Difference
(Pure Slush Books, ISBN 9781925101805)

Field of Words
Short Fiction:  Home Run

Bath Flash Fiction Prize Anthology (December 2016)
Short Fiction:  Nocturnal 

Pure Slush Volume 11 (Suit, March)
Short Fiction:  Independence 

Flash Frontier  (Dance)
Short Fiction:   Birthright (Eds:  Elizabeth Smither MNZM & James Norcliffe)

FIVE: Pure Slush  Volume 10  (Ed: Matt Potter)  FIVE: the PURE SLUSH ANTHOLOGY
Short Fiction:  Sashiko

Flash Frontier  (December)
Short Fiction:  Blizzard

Field of Words
Short Fiction:  A Slice of Paradise

Northern Crime One Anthology  (ISBN 9781909486171)
Short Fiction:  A Small Rebellion  (Moth Publishing)

Landmarks:  the National Flash-Fiction Anthology 2015  (ISBN 9781514398081)
Short FictionThe Somewhere Road  (Ed:  Calum Kerr)

Headland Journal 4 (ISSN 24229016)
Short Fiction:  Think No More of the Sea  (Eds: Liesl Nunns & Laura McNeur)

Hysteria 4 Anthology
Short Fiction:  An Ideal Cottage; Sunday Racers 

Juxtaposition. The Maine Review Fiction Collection
Short FictionA Little Kismet  (Ed: Katherine Mayfield)

Headland Journal 3  (ISSN 24229016)
The Orchard of Hopes & Dreams  (Eds: Liesl Nunns & Laura McNeur)

Stand Up Tragedy
Short FictionFair Trade  (Ed: Angela Shoosmith)

FlashFlood: the National Flash Fiction Day Journal 
Short Fiction:  The Bridge  (Ed:  Calum Kerr & Angi Holden)

Words on the Waves Anthology  (ISBN 9781907017377)
Short Fiction:   The King Tide  (Ed:  Danielle McLaughlin)

Flash Frontier
Short Fiction:  The Bridge  (Eds:  Tim Jones & Michelle Elvy)

Stand Up Tragedy
Short Fiction:  Something Sweet to Finish  (Ed: Angela Shoosmith)

HG Wells Short Story Anthology (Fortune)  (ISBN 9780957248557)
Short Fiction:  The King Tide

Flash Frontier
Short Fiction:  (Scattered) Te Puna / Something Sweet to Finish / (Whispers) Free Lunch
(Eds:  James George & Michelle Elvy)
Short Fiction:  (Heroes) Dorothy’s War (Eds:  Michelle Elvy & Rachel J Fenton)

Katherine Mansfield Society: Creative Work

Short Fiction:  An Epic Mistake

Short Stories: The Cardiff Women’s Aid Anthology (ISBN 9781291615722)
Short Fiction:  The Swansong of Mrs Mary Devlin (Ed: Siobhan Curham)

Eat Our Words Anthology, (EAT! Festival Newcastle)
Short Fiction:  The Power of Tea; Confessions of a Tyrophile

Take Tea with Turing Anthology
(University of Edinburgh)
Short Fiction:  Little Geek

CWA Debut Dagger – Opening Lines Competition (
Short Fiction:  The System (Judge:  Zoe Sharp)

Arvon Foundation Prize
Short Fiction:  Antipodean Pepper Tree
(Judge:  Sunday Times Magazine Deputy Editor, Director The Word Factory, Cathy Galvin)

BLOC New Writing Showcase

Short Fiction:  Charlie’s Golgotha (Judge:  Simon Van Booy)

Journeys and Places: Travel Stories (ISBN 9781906604202)
Short Fiction:  The Stirrup Cup (Eds: Debjani Chatterjee MBE and John Noble (Lonely Planet)

Ekphrasis: Re-imagining York – an anthology (University of York)
Short Fiction:  Charlie’s Golgotha; Wearing History; Shelf Life (Ed: Elizabeth Linklater)